ICTs and accessibility

WorkshopThis page provides links to resources, initiatives and organisations working with ICTs to support people with disabilities, grouped by type of disability (see also Practical Advice sub-page):


Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Blind and Visually impaired

  • Adaptive Technology Centre for the Blind Ethiopia
  • Be My Eyes – connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat.
  • DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) consortium.
  • European Blind Union – works towards an accessible and inclusive society with equal opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to fully participate in all aspects of social, economic, cultural and political life.
  • Inable – Empowering blind and visually impaired students in Africa through assistive computer technology.
  • JAWS (Job Access With Speech)
  • Natural Reader – Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices.
  • NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers.
  • Sightsavers International seeking to eliminate avoidable blindness and equality for people with disabilities.
  • Special Books by Special Kids (and Facebook page) –  mission is to show the beauty of our differences while promoting unity.
  • TapTapSee – a mobile camera application designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired iOS users.
  • World Blind Union

Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Learning disabilities (including reading)

Physical (including chemical)

  • C-Leg prosthetics – The C-Leg is the original, most popular computerized prosthetic leg
  • Cleaner Indoor Air Campaign – focusing on the importance of cleaner indoor air, especially for those with chemical sensitivities

Sensory processing

  • Airfilters – useful page on home solutions for those with sensory processing issues and sensitivities


Especial thanks to Sarah Brian for suggestions of material that has been added to this page.


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