Key readings


Some of my relevant publications

  • Unwin,  T. (2011) ICTs and disability in the Commonwealth, in Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book 2011, London: Commonwealth Secretariat, 226-229.
  • Godfred Bonnah Nkansah and Tim Unwin (2010) The contribution of ICTs to the delivery of special educational needs in Ghana: practices and potential, Information Technology for Development, 16(3), 191-211.
  • Unwin, T. (2005) Reflections on ability: the use of ICTs to support people with disabilities in poor countries, in: Milward-Oliver, G. (ed.), Maitland+20 – Fixing the Missing Link, Bradford on Avon: Anima, 165-180 (also published in Japanese by the ITU Association of Japan, 2006, 109-118 )


  1. Helo sir, i am working on psychological outcomes of using Assistive technology among people with physical disability in my MS research. Please guide me about what is the impact of Assistive technology use on quality of life, self-efficacy and resilience. how assistive technologies influencing psychological health of people with disabilities. Thanks.

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