5The UNESCO Chair in ICT4D is working in 2017 and 2018 in support of the Inter-Islamic Network on Information Technology’s important initiative to enhance the lives of people with disabilities across the Islamic world through the use of ICTs.  This work is being led by David Banes, and will focus initially on Pakistan, Tunisia, Jordan, Qatar and Malaysia.  Our research is focusing especially on identifying areas of good practice in these countries that can be shared more widely, particularly in terms of the development and implementation of ICT strategies for people with disabilities.  Building on work begun in 2016, members of the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D held interviews and focus groups in Pakistan in October 2017, one of the outcomes of which was a recognition that more needs to be done to raise awareness and share information about what currently is being undertaken in the country.  This page therefore seeks to provide some information about ongoing activities of relevance.

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Disability organisations in Pakistan

Organisations are listed in alphabetical order under each heading below.

Disability associations and for those with multiple disabilities

For blind and visually impaired people

For deaf and hearing impaired people

  • Danishkadah – an NGO  established to empower persons with disabilities and to work as a think-tank on disability related issues.  Activities mainly focus on deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • Pakistan Association of the Deaf – originally established in 1987 as the Karachi Deaf Welfare Association (KDWA)
  • Sind Welfare Association of the Deaf (also on Facebook) – working for the betterment in life of the deaf Community Social Network

For autism and those with special learning needs

For paraplegics and people with physical disabilities


 ICT initiatives for people with disabilities in Pakistan (and commentary)


Interesting reports on disability issues in Pakistan


ICT initiatives elsewhere that are particularly relevant to the needs of Pakistan

(See also general page on Links to Resources)


Updated 30th December 2019

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